Or the thoughts and memories of one Czech girl

January 5, 2017

I swear I must be cursed or something. I couldn’t start the car this morning. It’s the Octavia I’m using after Saša. First it falls apart in Serbia where we went for Senka’s wedding so we had to stay a day longer. Then I wreck my car. Then I get this car and first the headlight control light pops up two or so weeks ago thought the headlight function fine, then I find out the coolant is almost gone though we filled it up not long ago and now I want to start the car this morning and all the control lights go crazy on me. Breaks failure, airbag failure, abs failure, empty tires. Fuck. Even the radio didn’t go on. And that horrifying sound. So I catch a bus to work and leave the car outside my building. And at work I describe my problem to Saša, who amused as usual that something got fucked up with a car under my supervision yet again, informs me that it’s probably the battery.

„Zamilovat se do sebe - to je románek na celý život.“ Oscar Wilde