Or the thoughts and memories of one Czech girl

March 24, 2018

Morning walk

I so love the early spring sunny crisp weekend mornings. It’s so quiet, so peaceful. Everyone sleeping off their hangover so the streets are empty. The air is fresh and still cold but the sun is already warming you up. You can hear turtledoves. That’s why I don’t even want to be drinking and staying out late. To miss out on this. This is so much better than feeling like shit with massive headache and puking my guts out. Not worth it. This however. Remember this. It’s so beautiful.

I just feel sad there’s no one to share it with. 

March 21, 2018

Not even the dog is enough company sometimes

I’ve been feeling lonely again. It’s alright during the day but when I get home and there’s no one to talk to. I haven’t talked to Tay in a few days. At least with him on the other end of whatsapp conversation, I didn’t feel alone. Bruce won’t even reply to my messages in a day even though he is online. Seriously, there’s nothing there on his part. That knowledge is not helping. I was browsing older conversations with Tayron. I miss him. The ever presence of him and the way we used to be. But I got so pissed off the last time we spoke. He wanted to talk about the trip again but really couldn’t save the comment that he can’t talk because there’s angry woman around him? I mean wtf. I don’t give a shit what mood his fucking wife is in. And I should just shut up and always adjust to when it’s convenient for him? I counted on the trip the last time. And the time before. I thought it was a done deal. I reserved time off at work, told my boss I was going away. For the second time I might add. And for the second time it got canceled because something happened with his wife and he canceled it so I had to as well. Making me look like an idiot. And I am. And he got mad because I told him the world clearly revolves around him! We haven’t spoken since. And I fucking miss talking to him so much. 

April 12, 2017

Protected: WTF?!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
„Proti hluposti se bojovat musí, ale vyhrát se nedá!“ Jan Werich